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April 6th, 2011

[info]love_bingo FIC: "Freefall Discovery" (Inception -- PG)

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Posting this here for now, till the DDoS attack is over and I can post it to my LiveJournal. But I had fun with this prompt. What happens when someone literally falls in love...?

Pairing: Dom Cobb/Mallorie Miles
Prompt: "When I fall in love"
Word count: 556

It was not Dom's first time dream-sharing, though he was still a student. Miles had let him roam the dreamscape this time, letting him continue creating and shaping it as he saw fit. Of course, that left Dom the freedom to start adding Bauhaus boxes, and steel and glass towers to Miles's Baroque and Rococo structures, heedless of any projections that might be attracted and converge on his location.

Sure enough, as he caused a glass and reinforced concrete walkway to unfold between two buildings, he saw several passerby in the hallway behind him pause, eying him with suspicion and even anger. He walked away from them, nonchalantly, crossing over the connector he had built and making it fold back into the building, the moment that he stepped across. That cut him off from the projections behind him, but it attracted the attention of of more on the other side. They started to follow him, eyes burning. And he knew that this time, he could not make so easy an escape. Best to play it cool and walk away casually. Pretend that he had not done anything to change the landscape.

Three men in suits separated themselves from the crowd, striding toward him, their intent clear. Dom kept walking, hoping to shake them off, but they only quickened their pace. He ducked around a corner of the hallway and broke into a run.

Instead, the projections caught up with him, taking a detour around a corner and down a perpendicular corridor. He bolted down a hallway, though he knew it ended in a large window that opened onto dead air, ten stories up. It was a risk he would have to take: he could not die in the dream, as Miles had informed him.

He ran full out, shucking his jacket and wrapping it around his hands, holding it in front of his face as he barreled toward the window. He crashed through the glass, shards nicking and cutting his face. Even as his legs still pumped the air, he felt the floor of his stomach rise into his chest as he started to fall. The ground below rushed up toward him and the projections on the sidewalk looked up at him expectingly.

He hit something soft but solid, something rolled to the pavement with him. Something that yelped with surprise under him.

He looked down into the face of a woman, slightly older than he was, with wavy golden-brown hair. She was glaring at him and it dawned on him that she was not a projection.

"Excuse me, Miss," he mumbled, awkwardly, as he scrambled off her, then reached down to help her up.

"You must be my father's new student," she said, taking his hand, but she easily picked herself up and brushed off her long skirts. "You certainly have a way of making an entrance, Mister Cobb."

"You must be..."

"Mallorie Miles," she said, finishing his sentence. "You must be the one who made all those additions to the city. You're good. Too good: you attracted a lot of trouble."

"Maybe I just need someone to keep me out of trouble," he said, giving her a smile. He liked her independence and her strength and her frankness.

She gave him a Look, but she was smiling as well, and it was the kind of smile he wanted to see for the rest of his life.

Not a happy camper

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So... Looks like the DDOS attack on LJ is into it's third day. Don't these people have anything better to do than attack a Communications System?! Don't they have a job to go to?! Don't they have friends or a family to hang out with?! I refuse to blame this on the Russian users, because that smacks of the kind of Blame Everything on The Russians mentality that one found during the Cold War, and I thought people were past that and Muslims had become the scapegoats, thanks to One Group of Terrorists.

April 4th, 2011

Dun want DDoS attacks

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So.. Looks like another DDoS attack has struck LiveJournal. You know it's a particularly bad one when LJLogin, ie. the FireFox plugin isn't working properly because it can't find the login server. What I want to know is, who's doing this and why?? I do have one or two suspects, specifically the little flouncers at DW. It strikes me as something they'd pull, just to try and put their rival out if business.

January 23rd, 2010


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Been a while since I caught some of these, but I've been admiring other people's new eggs, so I thought I'd get some:

Adopt one today! // Adopt one today! // Adopt one today!

January 22nd, 2010

Being haunted by a song and a pair of silver eyes...

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Posting this here since LiveJournal is having some maintenance-related downtime.

I mentioned in my LJ recently that I got the inspiration to write a semi-songfic based on "Behind Blue Eyes" by the Who when the song happened to pop up on the radio the other day. I know it's probably just a case of the song just happening to be in the current rotation of the radio station involved, but I put the radio on just now and guess what was playing as I did so? That makes the third time in two days I've heard "Behind Blue Eyes" just as I flick the radio on. It's creepy, like someone is trying to tell me something, or I'm being compelled to write the damn thing (especially since I'm being annoyed by the memory of a bad OOC!Angsty!Agent Smith fic from back in the day). It's coming out more as a character sketch of sorts, or a series of vignettes with some of the lyrics as a framing device, dealing with the inner angst and self-loathing that a younger Muraki is hiding from the world. As arrogant and vain as our boy might be, I get the feeling that a part of him despises himself for allowing himself to be consumed by his own inner demons, a part of him that only maybe one or two people (Sakaki and/or Oriya) has ever seen up close and personal. It's a challenge to write, mostly because younger!Muraki is so different from the creepy bastard we all know, plus there's elements creeping in that some people are likely to take offense at, specifically a bit involving a suicide attempt that's as much a case of our boy being theatrical as it is a case of his self-loathing turning to self-destruction. I can just hear the angry comments, "Muraki wouldn't do that." Well, yes, the Muraki we know from the anime and the manga, the confident, practiced killer who's honed his abilities into an artform wouldn't do that, but what about a younger, sadder version who's still trying to cling to the last fraying shreds of his innocence, even as his idealism has decayed to despair and anger?

January 1st, 2010


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Here's hoping the fact that the bottle of alcohol-removed champagne *not* blasting the wall like it did last year is a sign that 2010 is going to be a good year.

And so we have a new year and a new decade ahead of us, like a fresh new blank book for us to write the next chapter in our life stories...

And the first song to pop into my head in 2010: "Gotta Knock a Little Harder" from the Cowboy Bebop movie (of course it would be some anime song :: Laughs:: ). The lyrics seem fitting, considering the doors I've sometimes closed to keep out some painful feelings or situations.

Off to go hunt up my copy of the late, great Arthur C. Clarke's "2010"...

December 26th, 2009

Moving in...

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I created this IJ to keep up with a few people and comms over here, and it's about time I actually posted in here. :: Laughs:: If anything goes completely wrong on LiveJournal (e.g. in the order of the infamous Strikethrough incident...), I may be transferring over here, but not till that actually happens.

Also: I am going to be posting my adult-rated fanfiction on here and cross-posting like mad between here and LJ. I'm tempted to go as far as transferring some of the adult fics over here, but that would likely result in a lot of broken links on LJ.
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